Sega Master System

The Sega Master System (セガ・マスターシステム) or SMS, is a cartridge-based video game console manufactured by Sega. It is a rebranding of the Sega Mark III intended for western markets, which in turn was a successor to the SG-1000and SG-1000 II. In South Korea the Master System was distributed by Samsung and known as the Gam*Boy (겜보이) and later Aladdin Boy (알라딘 보이). It was codenamed the Sega Mark IV during development.

The Sega Master System was the first of Sega's consoles to see widespread distribution outside of Japan, and went head-to-head with the Nintendo Entertainment System (the international version of the Famicom) across the world. Sega was unsuccessful at dethroning Nintendo in the key markets of Japan and North America. However, significant sales in Europe and South America saw the console outsell the NES in those regions, and supported as late as the mid-1990s in Europe and through to the present day in Brazil, receiving a large library of software in those regions. It is Sega's second most successful video game console of all time, with an estimated 19 million units sold worldwide, largely in Brazil and Europe.[5]

The console was originally marketed as the Sega Video Game System or just the Sega System at launch, with "Master System" being the name of the launch bundle available in North America, which was followed by the deluxe "SegaScope 3-D System" set and the budget-priced "Base System" set. The bundles were named differently in Europe, with the Master System bundle being the equivalent of the budget Base System, followed by the Master System Plus and the Super System. Because the "Master System" was the most prevalent bundle in most regions and the fact that all the consoles had "Master System/Power Base" printed on them, it became the defacto name for the platform following the Sega Master System II redesign.

The Sega System E is an arcade board based on the Master System. The console was succeeded by the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), which gained wider worldwide success.

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